Greetings! My name is Amanda.

I’m an experienced product designer and I help teams create friendly software.

My WorkAbout Me

How do I do it?


I love connecting with people, learning more about their lives, and helping them connect with technology in a meaningful way.


It’s easy to make good decisions when you’re driven by data. Prototyping, user testing, historical metrics, user interviews, and industry research are all trusted tools in my arsenal.


A great team is full of diverse talent, and I believe that the best solutions come from collaborating with open-minded people who have unique perspectives.


The road to success is often winding. I find that being prepared for change makes me a more nimble and capable driver.

Podcasts & Talks

I believe that everyone can learn something from anyone, and I try to learn as much as I possibly can.

Fresh Air

Creativity and motivation are flames that constantly need to be stoked. My favorite fuel is fresh air and the world of inspiring art outside of my office walls.