As designers, I think our personal process says a lot about each one of us as far as how we work, and what we value as individuals. Here’s what mine looks like these days (I’d love to learn about yours!).


Learning & Discovery

What problem(s) are we trying to solve? What can we do to help people have a great experience with technology? Collecting data can help bring problems to light and give us an idea of where to set the bar for measuring success. This is where I start (or "start again" after a design cycle).


Brainstorming & Requirements

Knowing what problem(s) we need to solve, we brainstorm to come up with ideas and theories for how to solve them. (I have a fairly recent appreciation for mind-mapping as a way to collect ideas quickly!)

Tools I love: Fluent Mind Map


Rapid Prototyping & Validation

As our ideas form theories, I encourage validating their effectiveness before spending more resources on production. A DIY gal at heart, I'm creative and thrifty with my methods to obtain the most insight possible from a reasonable investment of time and effort.

Tools I love: Paper/Scissors, InVision, Adobe XD,


Design & Spec

Depending on the complexity of the project and the nature of the deliverables, the extent of this phase varies. We focus on delivering what we need to get the design into production, and make any required updates to the design system.

Tools I love: Axure, Adobe XD/Sketch, InVision


Rinse & Repeat

I believe that design is never "finished", and instead, continually evolves with the needs of the people who rely on it to help them in their everyday lives. This is a great time to collect data through usability testing, talk to customers, etc. The last step encourages returning to the first one and re-committing to the mission. Let's help people have a great experience with technology!