Greetings! My name is Amanda.

I’m an experienced product designer and I help teams create friendly software.

My WorkAbout Me

How do I do it?


Considering others gives us the drive to want to learn more about their lives, loves, and needs so that we can help them connect with technology in a meaningful way.

A Participatory Process

I believe that everyone can contribute to great design. My team’s doors are always open, and we welcome everyone’s contributions to the mission, no matter what your title is.


It’s easier to make good decisions when you’re driven by data. I utilize a mixture of qualitative research techniques and activities to better understand our users, then measure how well we hit the mark quantitatively.


The road to success is often winding. Change is inevitable. I try to practice and foster an approach of flexibility to new ideas, solutions, methods, processes, etc. There’s rarely one right answer.

Continual Learning

Learning not only gives us knowledge, but also the opportunity to engage with new material and experience the excitement, motivation, and increased productivity that comes along with it.

Fresh Air

The passion we bring to our work is like a fire that constantly need to be stoked. My favorite fuel is the fresh air I breathe in the great outdoors, but whatever stokes that flame for you? Take the time to do that thing.