Autotask PSA tickets received a major upgrade in 2017, and the Ticket Timeline was a new feature available in this update.

The Ticket Timeline is a visual communicator of performance metrics within the ticket life cycle. The timeline uses a an end-customer’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to plot service milestones for our customers to hit while working a ticket. Managers can now gain instant understanding of technician performance and ticket health, saving them time which used to be spent examining details and posts on the ticket’s Activity Feed.

Designing the UI presented some interesting challenges, as each customer’s process and SLA can vary. The timeline is adaptive to page width, and allows for all targets and events to display individually OR stack (should they occur at the same time), and provides an indicator of the viewer’s current place in time relative to the ticket’s performance metrics.


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See it in Action

The following training video (produced by Autotask) provides a tour of the Timeline feature and all of its capabilities.