Autotask PSA tickets received a major upgrade in 2017, and the Ticket Checklist was a new feature available in this update.

The Ticket Checklist helps organizations automate and streamline their process, increase accountability/visibility, and help make work more manageable for their employees. The checklist can be populated ad hoc, by using the Checklist Library to save favorite templates of checklists, or loaded automatically via Workflow Rule. It may look small, but it’s incredibly robust! The checklist system also respects resource permissions, and has safeguards in place to prevent users from making errors when they’re quickly whizzing through their workflow.

The visual design of this feature was mostly determined by using existing components in our application framework, however we did create some new patterns that we’ll be reusing when the feature is extended to other entities within PSA.

Originally, our scope for the feature was much narrower, but in order to truly provide value, we needed to widen the scope to leverage our automation features such as Ticket Categories and Workflow Rules.


UX & Functional Spec, Visual Design




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See it in Action

The following training video (produced by Autotask) provides a tour of the Checklist feature and all of its capabilities.